From the recording Long Overdue

Jeff Pevar: Percussion, Bass, Resonator Guitar, Italian Steel Guitar
Steve Yanek: Piano, Vocal & Harmony Vocal

Produced by Jeff Pevar

Engineered & Mixed by Jeff Pevar
Additional Engineering by Bill Ahearn and Steve Yanek
Mastered by Jim Chapdelaine


I’ve been waiting for a reason to call on you
I’ve been planning it out
Got my way of coming through
At just the right moment
Just at the instant I cross your mind
Call it intuition, but they say love is blind
I don’t know about this time

I’ve been thinking
About those things you said to me
I’ve been wondering lately
About those times I could not see
What I was doing to you
Things that had never crossed my mind
Call it what you want to
You can lay it on the line
I don’t know about this time

This time I’m not telling any lies
This time I’m gonna look you In the eyes and not turn away
You always would say I could read your mind
I don’t know about this time

I’ve been dreaming
About the way it used to be
And I’m wondering how You ever fell for me
Was it the girl in you
Looking for someone
You could not find?
And calling it quits right now
Never entered my mind
But I don’t know about this time

Words & Music by Steve Yanek © 2022