1. Long Overdue

From the recording Long Overdue

Rod Morgenstein: Drums
Dave Livolsi: Bass
T Lavitz: Piano & B3 Organ
Jeff Pevar: Electric Guitar & Lap Steel
Steve Yanek: Vocals & Harmonies

Produced by Jeff Pevar

Engineered & Mixed by Jeff Pevar
Additional Engineering by Bill Ahearn and Steve Yanek
Mastered by Jim Chapdelaine


Girl, you got me crazy
Just thinking about you
Trying to hold back
Is impossible for me to do

So sad and lonely
This poor boy had been
Till you called me
And let me back in again

It's been so long, so long overdue
I always come back running
Coming back to you
Ain't telling no lies, my heart is true
You can see it in my eyes
Every time I look at you
Good lovin' feels so right
When it's long overdue

Felt like forever
But I made it through somehow
Ain't asking for forgiveness
That time will not allow

And I've been down
Laid out in the rain
The wind was whipping all around
Like a hurricane

Words & Music by Steve Yanek © 2022