From the recordings Long Overdue and Primitive Records Sampler

Jeff Pevar: Drums, Bass, & Acoustic Guitar
Billy Payne: Piano
Steve Yanek: Vocal & Harmony

Produced by Jeff Pevar

Engineered & Mixed by Jeff Pevar
Additional Engineering by Steve Yanek
Mastered by Jim Chapdelaine


It wasn’t that long ago
I held you so close in my arms
You were true as the nighttime
Shining like the stars Would love to shine

But I can’t see you anymore
Since you left it’s been
A long, hard fall to the floor
I keep hoping that I’ll see you someday
And be strong enough to turn around
And walk the other way

Because I’m done, I’m through I’ll get over you
I’m tired of feeling this way
I’ve seen some things
And I’ve heard those lies
I’ll pay no mind to what they say
‘Cause everyone’s crazy these days

Well I’m back on my own
But I ain’t looking to fall in love again
I don’t know what came over me
I got so tired of trying to be
The man you said you saw in me

Words & Music by Steve Yanek © 2022