From the recording Long Overdue

Kenny Aronoff: Drums
Jeff Pevar: Bass, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Keyboards, & Harmony Vocals
Steve Yanek: Vocal & Harmony Vocals

Produced by Jeff Pevar

Engineered & Mixed by Jeff Pevar
Additional Engineering by Bill Ahearn and Steve Yanek
Mastered by Jim Chapdelaine


Living ain’t easy
This life will take it’s toll
Hang off that ledge
Only makes you old

Baby, I’m sorry
If I let you down somehow
Ain’t nothing that I can do
About it now

Everybody needs it
Everyone needs help sometimes
Baby can you hear me
Baby throw me down a line
Throw me down a line

Lies are easy
Once you lose your soul
We’re all slaves
We get bought and sold

Somehow I lost it
Somewhere along the way
It get’s so hard sometimes
To just watch it fade

Words & Music by Steve Yanek © 2022